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How we partner with you
Approach 1: We help you find where you stand and build a culture roadmap that will take you from good to great.
We have taken more than 20 startups on a transformative, seven-month eNPS improvement journey.
A typical eNPS improvement plan involves
2-3 structural interventions, e.g. org manifesto, rewards, manager capability building
Short term levers:
roll out high impact policies, communication rituals etc.
L1/L2 leader level eNPS improvement plans tracked through OKRs
“xto10x has strengthened our people practices and helped us build a strong culture on an ongoing basis. This has led to a foundational framework for scaling up”
Abhishek Kumar

Founder, MyGate

Approach 2: We partner with you on a deeper level to build on the six areas that contribute towards a great culture.
Org manifesto
Design the culture you want to build with a detailed org manifesto. We help you make it a way of life through actionable practices, policies and rituals.
xto10x has helped us establish a strong framework for people and culture practices.
Vamsi Krishna, Co-founder, Vedantu
Streamline org design
Set up your org with the right capabilities and structure to achieve your strategic growth goals. We help you staff critical roles and enable a seamless transition to the new org design.
xto10x understood our business inside-out. Their bold approach to org design restructuring helped us a lot.
Atul Shinghal, Founder and CEO, Scripbox
Performance assessment
We help you redesign performance assessment based on your org’s context. We provide you with the necessary communications, capabilities, tools, and execution support to increase your PM fairness score.
xto10x has made our HR team analytical. We are able to get to actionables easily.
Vidit Atrey, Founder, Meesho
Rewards architecture
What should your org's total rewards proposition be to attract and retain the best talent? Design reward levers such as ESOPs, salary, benefits and incentives according to your philosophy.
Impact metric: reward fairness score, talent attraction and retention metrics
Manager capability
We baseline your manager net promoter score (mNPS) and debrief managers. We help drive needle movement in your mNPS with individual development plans, detailed workshops and mentoring.
xto10x bridged the learning process for our managers. This ideally would’ve taken us years to establish.
Ravisankar Velidi, Chief Culture Officer, Increff
We help you design and deploy a 10/10 process to hire the right talent for your org. Our competency-driven approach optimises for capability, culture fit and candidate experience.
xto10x made a significant dent to our hiring process. Hiring right has become a way-of-life for us.
Soumil Rao, Co-founder, WorkIndia
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Frequently asked questions

We believe it’s important to listen continuously to your employees as it is with your customers. We help you listen to these employees using a mix of channels to capture qualitative & quantitative data. 1:1 conversations, Focus Group Discussions, and open text questions in the 10xPeople survey provide for the qualitative data. Likert scale questions in the survey provide for the quantitative data. The block level scores along with the eNPS metric (employee net promoter score similar to that of customer net promoter score) culminate in a Org Health Heatmap. This provides a baseline before the start of our People & Culture engagement.

During and post the engagement, we continuously track eNPS metrics along with the block level scores present in the Org heatmap.

Our people excellence team work closely with your HR team/CEO’s office to plan & carry out the eNPS transformation journey across 3-6 months.The interventions are centred around people practices which require immediate attention(as highlighted in the Org Heatmap) and ones which have the highest potential to drive your eNPS. We not only help design the new processes but also go one step forward in playing the role of an operating partner and oversee end-to-end execution.

We believe that the solutions always need to be a mix of short term initiatives & long term design solutions. Ex: If Rewards is the problem area, short term initiatives would be on the lines of correcting a pay range for unfairness & long term initiatives would include design of org philosophy through Org Manifesto, Total Rewards Proposition design etc. We have seen startups make these needle movements over 4-6 months depending on the systematic rigour in the overall execution.

A typical engagement would last for about 5-6 months

  • Month - 1 : eNPS Survey + Understanding of strengths & areas to fix. Clear eNPS roadmap for the next 3-6 months prioritised as per your needs.
  • Months - 2,3,4: Design of 3 high impact people practices such as Org Manifesto, Performance Management, Rewards, & Hiring based on eNPS report.
  • Months - 4,5,6 : Sequential roll out of 3 identified high impact people practices based on the new design.

Lack of commitment from the founders/leadership team makes the entire exercise moot. This leads to slower needle movement on metrics that need immediate attention. The role of the leaders & functional owners will be much higher in the initial design conversations where we require their inputs to understand the context inside out. Once the execution phase kicks in it depends on the founder's interest to be involved or not.

The People & Culture engagement output will be fully customised to your requirements. Your inputs will be taken at each and every step of the process to ensure that your org’s context is fully understood before arriving at the final design.

While your HR team will be a strong execution & thought partner for us in the journey, it’s not mandatory for this engagement to occur. In the past we have effectively worked directly with leadership teams to design & install high impact people & culture practices.

We believe that your org is the biggest product you build. Taking a product approach to people & culture practices is necessary to build an org that achieves big strategic goals and embodies your vision.

A strong culture is a big enabler for the success of any startup irrespective of its current stage. This directly increases your probability of hiring and retaining the best talent. The earlier an org starts on this journey, the better.

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Assess your people & culture in 2 minutes

Get a free benchmark report for your organisation against others in the ecosystem