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10xPerformance helps you with

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    Completely configurable performance reviews management
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    One dashboard for org-wide reviews with flexible mid-review changes
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    Streamlined review workflows with nudge features for team-mates
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    Easy data representation for stakeholders with scatter plots
We’ve more features to tell you about.
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    Dedicated recognition feed for your organisation
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    Rewards catalog to gamify the process
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    Points tracker for easy rewards/transactions view
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    Recognition timeline reports with easy exports
We’ve more features to tell you about.
We’ve more features to tell you about.

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Frequently asked questions

As an admin on 10xPerformance you can create reviews for your full organisation or certain teams at any point of time by using the ‘Review Wizard’. While choosing sections (objectives, competencies, functional skills or other open questions) to assess an individual on you can select who gets the authority to review them (managers, self, or additional reviewers) - thereby creating a truly 360˚ review module.

The Review Wizard allows you to create reviews from scratch or use templates you have built before. It enables you to create reviews & assessments on objectives, competencies, functional skills or any other open questions in three simple steps.

Step 1: Outline & Workflow

Step 2: Form Builder

Step 3: Sectional Weightages

Once you enter the ‘View Cycle Details’ from the ‘Review Home’, the last tab you see is called ‘Reports’. On the Reports page you can see

  • A scatter plot of reviewees & their final ratings.
  • Break up of System ratings via View detail
  • Comparison between system rating & manager rating
Using the people selector you can choose a specific person and study the rating distribution. As a manager, you can make changes to the same till the sign-off date. You can also export the data pre-& post-publish.

In today’s age it is imperative to have a rewards and recognition policy that is a way of life. Digital solutions such as 10xPerformance make it easy to build a culture of mutual appreciation and encouragement. Individuals and teams are felicitated in real-time for a job well done.

Everyone in your org across geographies and job roles can recognize, appreciate and cherish key moments. This also works on the core principles of ‘Instant gratification’ and ‘Continuous engagement’, anchored around your org’s core drivers (key behaviors, values etc.)

Here is how rewards and recognition management work with 10xPerformance:

  • A recognizer can recognize one or more employees in their organization except himself/herself.
  • The organization can convert their reward and recognition budget to points, which can be redeemed.
  • Every month the system will distribute the points to every employee as their reserve points.
  • On successful recognition the reserve points from the recognizer are sent to the beneficiary as reward points.
  • The beneficiary can go ahead and redeem the reward points from the internal/external catalog.
  • The admin of the product defines list of #tags or organization values/competencies/drivers which are then used by the employees on the organization’s recognition feed.

  • Every #tag is tied to a badge curated by 10xPerformance which automatically populates on the recognition feed post.

10xPerformance’s feedback module enables you to give feedback to anyone in the organization. You can anchor your feedback basis an Objective, competency, or company value to make it more contextual.

What’s even better is that 10xPerformance allows you to solicit feedback for/from anyone else in the organization too. Managers can trigger multiple feedback loops for their reportees with other functional heads and colleagues. As a reviewer you can also choose to make your feedback anonymous.

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